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February 5, 2012
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For you only, my ohimesama... by canary-309 For you only, my ohimesama... by canary-309
Inspired by Maiden Rose, the scence when Klaus became Taki's knight with his words to protect Taki only or sth like that. I just love both couples NaruSasu and KlausTaki :love:

Sasuko's in the Hime dress, I put a lot of thought, work and research for her dress but Naru's...well not so much lol. You can see in the way I drew.

Sasuko, the hime, in my story is the only last one in the royal family so she has to rule the whole country in such a young age. Like queen Victoria ^_^ And Naru's her chosen knight. Sasuko a little bit tough, and cold, an ice-queen for sure...Ah talking about queen Victoria, I think it's also inspied by the film "The Young Victoria" too, that's film is charming with the slogan "Love rules all". I love girls like the Young Victoria in the film, and think Sasuko has a lot of her characteristic. Beautiful, smart, independent but still need a man who can be at her side anytime, with her come over stick and stone (I don't know if I use the words right lol).

This one is like months ago, I mean may be nearly a year?! I drew it halfway then threw it aside then just finised it few weeks ago.

Well not really finished, I planed to add some texture so it would look nicer not just blank like this but gods, I'm lazy, and my PS skill is nothing but suck and I feel this is too much for me so I decide to stop. Still love it anyway...

Oh and I also have another Sasuke male version of this in kind of European style. Sasuke as the Dark prince or lord and Naru as his White Knight or Light Knight. Same position ^_^ but mah half-drawn :( Don't know when I will finish that one.

If ya like to do sth with it like color or add texture, feel free I would love to see sth more than just black and white which I could only do so far. Just keep the credit and send me the link when ya finish :D

Point commission is still open ^_^ [link]
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FreelancerNorth Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014
Damn... I wish this was a fanfic right now... 
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this is awesome!
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thanks :x
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omg so beautiful
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very pretty.. .I would love to see a fanfic similar to this... It'll be aweesomee~
canary-309 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
Mahhhhhhhh me toooo!
Jazaju Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012  Student
ahh sasuke looks awesome :D i really like the long hair look ;) but naruto just looks funny O.o
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